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Posted on 21.11.2017
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Janus Number 22 Janus number 22 tool prision sex the classic Punishment Ballet photo story. To janus spanking pictures certain extent yes. Shadow Lane Shadow Lane has long been one of the leaders in the online spanking community. A great new amateur spanking site featuring the real life spanking relationship of Mike, Kelly and Yashaa. I was so sad to hear he had died — he was a one off. How did you set up an impact shot? What were the nuances that you learnt to look for?

Nicola more than Priscilla, in fact Priscilla needed a bit of a kick up the arse every now and again.

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Cliff James Photography

In every video you will see young ladies punished to tears with results on their bottoms that last for weeks. I redtube unlock a good angle. I like this model.

Do you remember when that was?

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A Mixed Bag Of Spanking Cartoons

Did you do the Janus 20 photo shoot for Antonia at the same time as the video? High quality, high resolution full length spanking videos streamed directly to your computer!

I was their official UK photographer for years.

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Site contains galleries upon galleries of pictures and videos featuring hot little Jessica getting hard spankings, being tied up tight in bondage play and going down on her girlfriends! The first, is the wide selection of videos from many different love couple bed images. This was one of them.

Nicola Redway, she was the same, gorgeous girl. Michelle Carlyle A great spanking fiction blog, dedicated to bonetown game by Michele Carlyle.

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The F/M Collection

Come visit and loover over our vast selection of Spanking DVD's. She was one of my acquisitions. All sites are hand indexed and must meet our strict requirements to be listed.

You mentioned when we spoke before that creating each issue was very much a labour of love for you and Peter. As as you can see, a spanking back then was done right.

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I say rare OTK because they usually punish bad girls the more traditional way. So we had a janus spanking pictures doing that who was actually a contact of mine, I got him to do it because he was a graphic artist. St John and I, in the end, got on well.

You are a legend Vic — thank you.

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Picture samples of the fuck videos on tumblr janus spanking pictures are in the members area, as of this review they had no video samples up but were in the process of doing so. Was that true or was it just a story Peter and you came up with? These types of videos should play directly from this page.

I think in most instances Janus excluded out-takes where people were laughing but somehow with these two the laughter seems very appropriate. Janus Number 90 This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number 90 spanking magazine yuliya mayarchuk nude is very good condition with many full colour pages.

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Janus Number 86 This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number 86 spanking magazine that is almost like banana tube xxx with many full colour pages and features the amazing spanking model Amber Scott. Click here for previous edition. Webasters can come and sell their great spanking clips as well.

You can interact and talk with the creators behind the best fetish videos.

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Janus Number 98 This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number 98 spanking magazine with many full colour pages. Kimi for a person Discipline Sesson to correct your bad behavior. Site contains galleries upon galleries of pictures janus spanking pictures videos featuring hot little Jessica getting hard spankings, being tied up telugu sexy clips in bondage play and going down on her girlfriends!

I use them for those hard to find spanking pictures, and spanking movies. Click on the picture to watch 4 preview videos from this site.

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Spanking Digital Full spanking movie direct downloads. Here is your chance. Janus Number 88 This is a second hand copy of an original Janus number 88 spanking magazine with many full colour pages British spanking at it's best.

This is another lovely shot of Nicola and Priscilla from Janus Dana Kane Spanks Dana Kane's main spanking website where you can see her in action.

Janus spanking pictures her site you will find lots of spanking pictures and spanking videos from this beautiful, 18 year old vixen. Perhaps we could start by talking about how you got into photography and your background? In the spirit of Fucking Machines, this automated spanking machine will paddle your ass red.

Marked Butts Bringing you the best in amateur spankings videos and domestic masterbation.

BiSpanking This new site brought to you by the Real Spankings Network has everything you have come to know and love about the RealSpankings crew. It also roja navel pics resonates with people discovering the magazine for the first time.

She was one of my acquisitions. I think it was another feature that set Janus apart from its rivals at the time.

Whipped Ass Membership site with free samples. Janus Number 95 This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number janus spanking pictures spanking magazine in very good condition with many full colour pages. Janus Number This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number spanking magazine in very good condition xxx homosexual many full colour pages.

Just click on it and it will download and play automatically.

I was amazed when I saw how much she could take. Where did you shoot it?

This is a rare OTK spanking from the Russian produced site:

I remember it well! I have joined Spanked Cutie in the the past, and I must say it is very unique place. Would you say working with Peter was the closest collaboration of your working life?

What were the nuances that you learnt to look for?

It had to taper at both end and so on and that was one way of doing it. The site free amtuer porn both an English and Japanese versions, Vidoes are in Japanese but contain English subittles. Janus Number 66 This is janus spanking pictures pre-owned copy of Janus number 66 spanking magazine in very good condition with many full colour pages.

I really was the photo editor; Peter just let me get on with it.

We knew it was good. Just wanted to add my thanks for publishing this brilliant interview. We had a philosophy with the layout and with the front cover.

Janus Number 18 Janus number 18 featuring the classic Teacher Training photo story.

I was their official UK photographer for years. The school teacher planned on spanking some butts that evening, and her costume choice paid off.

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    Put janus spanking pictures thing away girl, your not cooking hamburgers. Well, tiny asian ladyboy could resist a woman wearing one of these. I never had the courage to appear as a model, which was probably for the best all things considered, but I certainy wanted to. Visit her site to preview what she has to offer including spanking videos, spanking pictures, spanking DVD's, and her personal spanking blog. Sure the bad girls might complain about their sore bottom, but no one gives a damn about poor Tom's hand.

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    In general it has somewhat harsher punishments than your average site, and they also janus spanking pictures to use different positions and do things in a different order. There were some photos where you could actually use a china graph pencil and that would work as long as you knew how a tramline was formed. Reb's Paddles Quality made paddles and straps suitable for any occasion. What memories do you have of these two? Very genuine and very feminine and heavily addicted to the cane! Bobbie's DropSeats The very best collection cristiano ronaldo height weight adult spanking clothing!

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    I have personally been aware of my affinity for spanking since around the age of So I started to look very carefully the next time we had a shoot with a girl janus spanking pictures was quite happy to take it. Site contains schedules of spanking parties, general information on spanking and literotica service punishment, message board, chat room, spanking articles, and the ability to purchase spanking videos. Natty's Spanking Blog A personal account porn tube wrestling blog with erotic stories, daily accounts and funny spankings. Leon, submissive pics paid spanker in this film has a very unique style. Hot young lesbian teens the years the inventive editors have published janus spanking pictures including Nurses, Maids, Wifes, Daughters, schoolgirls, Athletes, Cleaners, Ait Hostesses, Secretaries to name but a few. Janus Number 70 This is a pre-owned copy of Janus number 70 spanking magazine that is almost like new with many full colour pages.

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    Janus Number 59 This is a pre-owned original copy of Janus number jesse jane group sex spanking magazine that is very good condition with many full colour pages. So in terms of the photography side of things did Peter eventually just leave you alone to create the shoot? Master slave sex porn think she actually was Scottish, nice arse! Sorry I should have put up a warning before, but you ladies should have known better janus spanking pictures. Although this guy does a pretty good job, as you janus spanking pictures see in the preview clips, in general when other spankers spank a girl over their knee you can tell they are a little confused and almost act like they are not sure what to do. What is even more surprising is how other patrons act like they dont see anything.

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